Groupe Etam reveals with total transparency behind the scenes of its clothing factories


Today Group Etam has taken another step in its ambitious WeCare! program towards greater responsibility and transparency with the launch of the “Transparency” project.

 Customers can go behind the scenes of the factories where the lingerie pieces they find in stores are crafted since September 30th.

A total immersion experience in the heart of Groupe Etam’s partner factories.


A unique concept in the retail world

Constantly in tune with consumer trends and client expectations, the Groupe Etam has decided to reveal behind the scene glimpses in its lingerie factories through short videos (about thirty seconds).

An additional step towards greater transparency for the end consumer.

Groupe Etam is determined to act quickly: already, 80% of the lingerie range is covered by the “Transparency” project. By the end of the year 2021, the aim is to reach 100% of the lingerie references.

How does it work?


In every Etam store, the client will be able to scan the product label by means of a QR code that will then give direct and instant access to the video of the factory where the product was manufactured. A breakthrough in the textile industry!

The images are raw, without artifice nor marketing, in order to highlight the reality of the textile factories. The videos will also be available on Etam’s e-commerce site.


As an introduction, the partner factory’s “identity card” specifies to the clients the name, location, expertise, and the number of years of collaboration with the Groupe Etam as well as the various compliance audits carried out (BSCI, SA8000, SMETA or ICS).


Thanks to “Transparency”, the Groupe Etam once again confirms its position as a leader, a pioneer of innovation, by being the only actor in the retail sector to open the doors of the factories based in Europe and Asia.


This “Transparency” project is a part of an approach that is increasingly committed and in line with the ambitions of Groupe Etam for greater sustainable fashion!




Mindful about its responsibilities of a leading lingerie company, the group is committed to a Corporate Social Responsibility approach, with the ambition to transform the entire industry in order to meet the expectations of our stakeholders. This commitment, called WECARE, operates through six pillars: products, sourcing, logistics, stores, human resources and marketing.

Today, in real terms, 25% of products are already eco-friendly, by 2021 more than 40%, and the aim to reach 80% by 2025.


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