Our jobs

From fashion to sales, every expertise has its place

Product design

The product - a true assertion of the brand - is the primary vector of a collection’s success. Ever more inspired, ever more innovative and creative, our collections are given special care and attention. Our stylists give the impetus, our designers implement and our product managers coordinate. So many professions at the service of style.

The marketing

A good product is not enough to guarantee success. You need to know how to promote it, sell it, and make it essential to create desire and trigger a purchase.

Supply chain management

These professions are elementary links, men and women essential to the distribution value chain. From management to logistics, the product is studied, tracked and referenced to ensure placement on shelves or posting online so our customers are satisfied.

Support functions

Transversal roles providing essential support, the expertise of our support staff accompanies our core business in its development day-to-day. Screen reader compatibility is enabled.


Sales are the traditional backbone of our expertise, at the very core of our business. 4,000 Sales Hostesses and Store Managers showcase our products and give our customers the opportunity to enhance their daily lives. Our operational zones are shared among these managers to drive sales performance throughout the world.

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